FULL NAME: Malia Anne Moreo
DATE OF BIRTH: 01-02-1986
AGE: 30
CURRENT RESIDENCE: 4800 Trobaugh Blvd

OCCUPATION: bartender at The Blue Door
PARENTS: Daniel Moreo (Father - Deceased), Olivia Grace Trancosa (Mother - 57) Jacob Lorenzo Trancosa (Step-Father - 62)
SIBLINGS: Caden Tyler Moreo, Colby Leigh Moreo, Vanessa Abigail Moreo, Charlotte Chasity Moreo, Cordelia Claire Moreo, Rebecca Danielle Trancosa
CHILDREN: Kylie Alexandra (05-08-10)
MARITAL STATUS:It's Complicated
Malia was the third born and second daughter. Her brother Caden was seven and her sister was four when Malia came along.

Malia always adored having two bigger siblings and learned to crawl quickly, walking by ten months to be able to follow them both around more simply. Her parents were doting and loving, and her older siblings were both very protective of her. Malia was the princess of the family. She'd tote around town in pretty dresses, tiaras and heels. She drew attention to herself and thrived on it.

Her father, Tyler Moreo, was a founding member of the motorcycle club, Hell's Reapers in Midland, Texas. The Reapers are a large network, (through out Texas as well as other states and even crossing national borders during her lifetime).

However the whole atmosphere frightened Malia. She took to spending her time observing from afar. She knew her brother was too follow their fathers legacy but it wasn't a demand with the daughters and so Malia relished in taking it all in from a distance. She was never very close to her father anyway as she got older and realized what he did for a living.

When Malia was ten her father started having heart troubles. Mal took this extremely hard and all of a sudden began begging to be taken along with him on work. She was worried about her father being sick; he wasn't exactly young. She wanted to know him in case anything happened. Even as a pre teen she was far wiser and naive than most young girls that age. Her father refused to take her along, pulling her further from him. And so she began hanging around V more, a sister she had never really been close to. She would take her to the mall and shopping and stuff while Caden was so dedicated to being a prospect, her father being sick, her mom occupied with her pregnancy.

At age 13, just three years later, with six kids, including three year old twins, her father passed away leaving the family in a lurch. Her older siblings were rarely around with Caden working as a patch and Vanessa her younger sister in grief of her own Malia felt even less necessary. She should have been helping the family and sticking by them but she couldn't help the resentment in this whole situation. A heart attack is no ones fault and yet Malia blamed everyone she could for her not being closer with her dad while he was here.

She threw herself into her studies, applying to a private high school near where Colby had moved and she managed to get scholarships, and move away from the lifestyle she had always been afraid of since it took away so many loved ones.

She moved into her boarding school at 14 near where Colby lived. At once Mal felt at ease. One of her teachers took to her immensely and helped her book a modeling gig that year. She was the face of fashion magazines by the end of freshman year.

While away at high school Mal met Finn. She swore she would never fall for a bad boy but he swept her off her feet. It was a mutual love at first sight. He was there for her through a lot, and never judged her for her past with the Midland club. And she aided him through schooling.

When their mom started dating again Malia was glad to be out of the house not dealing with it directly. And when she was home on breaks she hid out in her old room, talkiNg to Finn, ignoring everything going on around her. She went on shoots, and worked, saving her money, planning on getting her own place after graduation, especially now that she had a stepfather who was worse than her father in some ways. How could her mother put them through this? And how could her mother have a kid with this man so soon after her father passed. It just put more resentment into Malia. She was more than glad to go back to her high school. She continued to model, graduated, and though she moved back home to be close to her siblings, she got her own place like she had always planned. She kept in touch with Finn, but it fizzled at the distance.

Then when she was twenty Caden got shot. Mal felt guilty because though she resented her parents, she'd always done what she could for her siblings. She helped out where she was needed with her brother but she just always hated her parents for forcing this lifestyle on her.

Malia still kept her home away from home. She couldn't bear to live with them anymore. She had saved up a good chunk of money doing modeling work through high school and was able to live comfortably on her own. Her younger sister did her own form of modeling but Malia was content with her career until she met a man, another man in the MC, a man very unlike her straight edge self. She began to see him secretly, not even her own family knew, or at least didn't admit to knowing. She hadnt told anyone about Finn and didnt see reason to mention Ace now.

She got pregnant at 23. Her whole life changed especially since he has a child with another woman that's two years older than Kylie. Oh and the fact that he wasn't ready to settle down just yet.

She originally didn't want her child being raised in the lifestyles she had been but she wouldn't abort her child and went with it all as planned.

At 24 she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, which ironically brought her even closer to her family, especially her brother who was married by that point. She wanted only the best protection for her daughter. Ash, with his status in the reapers solidified their daughters protection. Suddenly she was a major part of the organization she had tried so hard to run from all her life. She began bar tending at her brothers bar for extra cash, throwing her further into this life. There was that and the fact that she wanted her daughter to know her family as well as Ash and his family and co workers.

Malia has fully committed to Ash and always has been, even when he was unsure, and to their daughter of course, and he recently made the steps to make her his old lady. She's happy about that, and feels it means they are finally on the same page. She fully respects the Reapers of Midland and her boyfriends involvement, even though her whole life she ran from them. She wants the chance to prove she's as committeed as he is.

until recently when Ace up and disappeared. He claimed to have gone on a business trip but for the past few weeks hasnt heard from him since. She is pregnant and beginning to worry.

younger sister.
youngest sister.
youngest sister.
baby daddy's cousin. Living with.
best friend
old lady and old friend. (+2 year)
old lady and new friend. (-7 years)
childhood friend. (-1 year)
old lady. close friend. (-3 years)
ex boyfriend, good friend, new potential.
hair color:
eye color:

distinguishing marks:
tattoos: for Kylie

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PREFERENCES: Third person, Eastern.
CONTACT: ooc & ic
PLAYED BY: Shelley Hennig
LAYOUT: Created by ~numpties