FULL NAME: Carissa Nicole Vega
DATE OF BIRTH: 10-31-1992
AGE: 21

PLACE OF BIRTH: Everman, Texas
CURRENT RESIDENCE: 3315 Godfrey Street. Los Colinas, Midland, Texas (single flat, kitchen, dining room, living room)

SIBLINGS: Cain (1984), Hazel (1988), Neil (1990), Gino (1994) CHILDREN: N/A
Just as Cari was about to begin kindergarten at 6 years old their Aunt Lisa, who had custody of them, made a decision to make a move to Texas when their parents took off once again. This move to Texas is Cari's earliest memory of a home. Carissa was just old enough to realize that there was a reason her aunt had custody of them, and was beginning to resent her mother for abandoning them. She settled into her new home, well though. She made friends easily enough setting into Everman at first.

Carissa began dance lessons and was finally having a seemingly normal childhood. She, like her older siblings, also befriended a handful of reaper kids as well as trying to constantly tag along with Hazel, her older sister. She admired the family lifestyle that all those kids ensued. She strived for that closeness with her own friends, and loved that her whole family, (re: all her siblings), were as involved in the life as she wanted to be. She finally felt more protected and loved, like when her aunt took them away. She has always been grateful to her aunt and feels she owes her her life.

When Cari was almost 13 her parents reappeared in her life just as Hazel left and she sadly watched her oldest brother on a downward spiral because of them, as well, which only pulled her further from wanting anything to do with their parents. She's very protective of her siblings. She overheard about the fight between her father and Cain and that solidified that she wanted nothing to do with them. She believed Cain had a solid reason for what he did to Nate adding to her hatred of the man who birthed her.

Carissa felt alone when her sister left, and her brothers were busy with the reapers, though she had her aunt and new friends. So barely in high school Cari began to meet up with friends after school. She'd smoke, flirt, make out. The flirting and teasing gave her confidence in herself and was her escape from thoughts of her parents. Though her aunt was strict and kept tabs on her this was still her tiny way of escaping.

Meanwhile aunt Lisa did everything in her power to keep tight reins on Cari and keep her on the right track. She still managed to meet a few people in high school who in turn brought her over to the wild side. Though she still continued her dance lessons she was going out every evening, (until her curfew). She still obeyed her aunt and respected her authority.

She was all in all a good girl, though putting on a front around her friends. She was respectful and received mostly A's. She wanted to be a professional dancer someday but wasn't sure how to achieve that goal without help. Her aunt would help but she wanted to do it on her own.

When she turned 18 one of her closest friends, Ash, got her a job dancing at Curves. While she simultaneously attended Midland college with another of her closest friends. She pledged and got into the Tri Delt sorority.

At first she was reluctant about it but she looked at it as a way of dancing semi professionally and for money at that. She loved earning her own money while she entertained the boys. She liked being able to contribute financially and not have to always ask her aunt for everything. She was finally independent. She felt wanted and beautiful. She'd never had much confidence in her looks. Dancing helped to hide her insecurities as she danced among a group. But now she could dance solo where everyone watched her, wanted her.

She lived in the college dorms which was near enough to Curves to work on the weekends that she didn't go home to Everman. She began saving all her money to eventually afford her own place.

When she graduated college (age 20), she got her own place. This was all her place now. And even though she loved her aunt she loved the freedom of having her own place, not family's, not a shared dorm. She visits her when she can and has her over once or twice a year on holidays.

She continued to work at Curves through out college and yet despite her occupation she remains innocent in her virtue. That's the one piece of her she still has left in tact and plans to keep it that way until marriage.

When she graduated she applied and began working at Murphy's where she was already taking classes.

2000 - Carissa about to turn 6. About to begin kindergarten when Aunt Lisa moved the kids to Texas after their parents left again.

2007 - parents reappear and Hazel leaves.

2012 - moved to Midland for college (Cosmetology Major), got a job at Curves.

May 2016 - graduated college

Summer 2016 - got job at Murphy's and moved into own apartment
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Madi; best friend. sorority sister.

Ash; got her her previous job at Curves. They live in the same apartment complex.

Abi; boss at Murphy's

Elliot; student at Murphy's