Local/Hometown: Palm Springs, California
Faceclaim: Shaelah McGilton
Personality: Jaq is a bit of a wild card, plain and simple. She is a very independent young girl, and does not often care what others think of her. She likes what she likes and that’s that. She doesn't like to be controlled. She’s a pretty positive person, too. But if you try to tell her what to do, or when to do it, you will get an earful. She will purposely do the opposite of what you ask her to do.

She is the youngest child of Senator Willow of Palm Springs California. She was raised in the spotlight and so she is actually a bit of a goody goody and stays out of the limelight so as not to embarrass her family. Jaq had the same boyfriend all throughout high school. When they got into two different colleges they stayed together, but then over that first Christmas break they broke up when he cheated on her. She plans to be a veterinarian when she finishes school. And though she acts dumb, plays dumb, she gets good grades and does all her school work. She does not fool around when it comes to her education and career, even if for face value no one would know she was so serious.
Jacqueline Lakin | 20 | May 5th | Junior Sigma President | Veterinary Science major
Local/Hometown: Cape Cod, New Jersey
Faceclaim: Loren Gray

Brenna and Britney Tyler are Cape May's self-appointed princesses. Their father is a councilman in Cape May and their mother is a real estate mogul.
Brenna Tyler | 19 | April 19th | Sophomore Nursing major | Sigma Social Chair | Cheerleading Captain
Local/Hometown: Atherton, California
Faceclaim: Elena Kampouris

Personality: She is a Protagonist. (ENFJ-A / ENFJ-T) https://www.16personalities.com/enfj-personality 81% Extraverted 68% Intuitive - 32% Observant 70% Feeling - 30% Thinking 92% Judging - 8% Prospecting 71% Assertive - 29% Turbulent

Medical Conditions: Allergies to grass roots, dust
Languages: Greek, Italian, Scottish
Kendra Pennington | 19 | November 18th | Sophomore Visual Arts (Architecure) major | Sigma Sorority sister =
Local/Hometown: Colorado
Faceclaim: Olivia Holt

The Bennett's grew up in Denver, Colorado to Katherine and Joshua Bennett. Katherine is one of Denver's top real estate agents and Joshua reins as one of Denver's most sought out lawyers. The couple are quite the power couple. Though they expect a lot of both their kids they expect the most out of Cory, as the oldest.

Cory chose to follow his father's footsteps and become a lawyer as well. He received a scholarship to Vista Key University for football as one of it's wide receivers. While Mara chose to go into education and become a teacher.

Mara did not like Cory’s ex-girlfriend. She never had thought she was good enough for Cory, even though her parents approved of her. Mara played it cool whenever Lauren was around but deep down she hoped Cory would find someone else worth his time and love. Because of Lauren, though, Mara does not rush into relationships and at 17 years old she had never had a boyfriend before. There is one guy she likes, a lot, but that is her little secret. She did tell Jacinta about him, but no one, not even Cory knows about her secret crush.

Personality: Mara is an introverted, sweetheart of a girl. She is also very protective of her brother and only wants the best for him. She likes to see her friends and family happy. She is a natural born cheerleader for her loved ones, but has never been a cheerleader as she is not quite coordinated enough, and not quite outgoing enough to be front and center like that. She does not like to be in the spotlight, not the center of attention. She tends to just be background roles in school plays that she has been because she had to be in them for a grade. People just tend to like her, she has a personality that draws people to her.

From the moment she met Jacinta she bonded to her, and looked up to her as a big sister she never had. She does not agree with her brother calling Jacinta a distraction. And even though she always has her brother's back she came to VKU to make sure that he does not hurt her new friend. She tried to warn Jacinta about her brother's relationship that ended before summer of 2021. But she did not give her details she just tried to warn her so she would not get hurt, because she saw the tension between Jacinta and Cory, and knew something was there. She vows to get them together now that she is at VKU. She is also there to keep an eye on Cory because she will never stop worrying about him.
Mara Bennett | 18 | September 6th | Freshman Early Childhood Education Sigma Sorority sister, soccer
Faceclaim: Sadie Sink

Backstory Blurb: Jason and Casey lost their mother at a young age. He was thirteen and Casey was five. The loss hit the two hard, but Jason took it especially badly. Things went downhill from there. Their father began drinking heavily and this resulted in a job loss and the abuse of Casey and Jason. Jason took the brunt of the abuse saving his sister and one instance landed him in the hospital. That was when they were taken from him and placed with relatives. Jason begged for them to not be separated and little Casey refused to leave Jason’s side. Their father was behind bars and lost custody. Jason began healing and he and Casey were adopted by their aunt and uncle.

Casey grew up more introverted than her brother and spent time with mostly just her best friend, who lived near her aunt and uncle. The two were inseparable and were always at each other's houses, and other than Jason, Paige was the only one who knew what happened to her parents. She doesn't even really remember her parents and her aunt and uncle are the only family she knows, other than Jason.

While Jason took to sports Casey did her own thing. She always did well in school, but she just did not know what she wanted to do in the future. She knew she would go to college but she had no clue what she wanted to study yet.

Casey was the one who helped Jason when he went into that depression after getting injured and having his sports career ripped from his hands so quickly like that. She focused on him so much that she lost control of herself and the young teenage girl pulled back from all her friends, except for her best friend, and Jason, of course. She threw everything she had into those two people, Jason, and her best friend.

The following summer Jason began to get better and Casey was about to start high school. That was when she finally realized what she wanted to do with herself after college. Casey was already good at science and math and she decided then to go into sports medicine.

Four years later she got into Vista Keys College, and into the Sports Medicine program. She left Pepperidge and began to have a life of her own finally. She pledged to a sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma, had friends/sisters and was finally living her life the way she had always dreamed of living life, for herself. She moved into the sorority house during her sophomore year and during her senior year, she began dating a boy that she met when she was a Freshman, a Kappa Sigma boy. Well, sort of dating, anyway. They went out, as friends, they hung out in groups, and even kissed goodnight, but had never defined the relationship.
Casey Hargrove | 18 | May 16th | Freshman Pre-Med | Sigma Sorority Sister
Local/Hometown: Vista Keys
Faceclaim: Natalia Dyer

Backstory Blurb: Gia decided to wait a few years after high school to finally go to college and that is why at 21 she was one of the older freshman at the college and definitely the oldest freshman sorority sister. But she had gotten an amazing internship at a clothing store at just 18 years old and so she waited and now her boss is paying for her to go to college and get her degree.
Gia Demonte | 21 | Freshman Fashion Design major w/ Minor in Photography | Sigma Sorority | Fashion Society
Character Name: Paige Gina Lynn Age: 20 DOB: July 20th School Year: Freshman Major: Bachelor of Social Work Extracurriculars: Sigma Sigma Sigma pledge, dance team Local/Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee Face Claim: Alycia Deban-Carey Personality: Paige is a lot like her cousin and is closed off into one gets to know her. She’s not at all shy or quiet, just closed off, aloof. Background: Paige’s mom is the sister to Hanna Beth’s father, making them cousins. Paige’s mom raised her as a single mom and also they had Hanna at their house so much that Hanna was more like a sister than a cousin. Paige didn’t go to college right away, instead she stayed home to take care of her maternal grandmother who she and her mom lived with. Hanna meanwhile left Nashville and went away to college to get away from her father, Paige’s uncle. Three years later Hanna and Paige’s grandma got really sick and Paige and her mom decided to move ti Florida where Hanna was about to graduate college. As a surprise to Hanna, Paige applied to the college of Florida keys and she would be starting as a freshman in the fall of 2023, the same year her cousin would be graduating and also becoming a mother so Paige would be an aunt. She also planned to pledge sigma with her cousin. Backstory Blurb: Anthony is a dreamer, a poet, a sporty guy, and all he wants to do is accomplish something in life. The problem is that he does not yet what he wants to accomplish in life. He is a sensitive guy, and very down-to-earth, but not laid back. He is more high-strung and strives to get to where he sees himself in the future. He is a sympathetic guy, and sensitive to others' feelings, which makes sense having grown up with two older sisters. Year in college: Sophomore Major: Psychology Extracurriculars: Kappa Sigma, baseball Local/Hometown: Vista Keys Faceclaim: Rudy Pankow Backstory Blurb: Jasper is the ultimate party boy. His father is a politician in Vista but that never stopped him from making a bad name for his family. Character Name: Diego Guerra Age/DOB: 18 / September 6th Year in college: Freshman Major: Criminology Extracurriculars: Soccer, Pi Kappa Alpha brother Local/Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona Faceclaim: Asher Angel Backstory Blurb: His mother is plain old American and his father is Spanish, but he looks more like his mother. He chose to go to college in Florida because the weather is close to what he is used to I in Arizona. Plus the college has an amazing criminology program and he has always been wanted to be a cop. He pledged a fraternity because of the benefits of being in one and what it would do to help him with a job after college. He pledged Pi Kappa Alpha because he clicked with those brothers better then he did with the other houses on campus. Character Name: Kelley Chris Garrard Nickname(s): Kel, KC Age/DOB: September 12th Year in college: Sophomore Major: Women’s Studies Extracurriculars: Basketball, Tae Kwon Do Job: Works at campus bookstore Local/Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee Faceclaim: Colin Ford Backstory Blurb: Kelley’s mother raised him alone, as his father left them before he was even born. People always assume that is why he grew up with a female name and also why he went into women’s studies in college. In truth he was supposed to be a girl and his mom just made his name masculine and named him Kelley. Character Name: Zahir Khan Age/DOB: 20 / January 18th Year in college: Junior Major: Pre-Medical Extracurriculars: Pi Kappa Alpha, National Honor Society Local/Hometown: New York Faceclaim: Karan Brar Backstory Blurb: Zahir has always known he wanted to be a doctor in the future. From the time he lost his father when he was just three years old he wanted to help heal people and make sure no one else had to lose a parent, unrealistically but he did want to help people. He chose to stay in Florida for college because his mother’s parents live in Florida and she moved him here in high school. So even though he lives at the Pike house the last three years he goes home often to visit his mother and grandparents.