full name
Miles Landon Mason

Age + DOB
35 + April 26, 1982

Hazlet, New Jersey

Metrocity, NYC

Film Producer, Director, Writer


happily married

Star Sign


6'3" + # lbs.

[*P (Producer), D (Director), W (Writer)*]

2006 - The Buck Rules (P)
2010 - Cut (D, P, W)

Jack Falls (D, P)
How to Stop Being A Loser (D, P)

U.F.O. (D, P, W)
Airborne (D, P)

2014 - Allies (D, P)

2018 - Madness in the Method (W,P)

Since 2014 Miles has taken a hiatus from full time directing and producing. He's putting his focus into photography at the moment. He does still dabble in part time assisting in both directing and producing. Though now he is back into filmmaking.

out of character
Played By Tom Welling
35+, EST, Scene/Plot Friendly.
Miles Landon Mason was born on April 26 in 1982 (33) at his family home in New Jersey. His parents already had one son a couple of years older than him. His father was a respectable private contractor in the community, and his mother a TBD. The Mason's have three children, two boys and a girl. Miles is the middle child.

His father had goals for him to become a career man, marry and carry on their surname and his mother also pleaded with him to date, socialize and make a career and a life for himself. They both wanted so much for all of their children.

He kept to himself a lot growing up. He was the quiet one. He liked his personal space. The one thing Miles had passion for was art, photography and film.

Before Miles was out of elementary school he discovered art. That was his first instinct of showing his natural talent for his artistic side. He would carry a sketchbook around with him everywhere, sketching all the worlds beautiful subjects. He was most passionate about sketching nature. He liked to record the things in nature as he saw them before they changed so he could keep them as he wished to.

When he was about to graduate middle school he received a camera for his 14th birthday. He would still sketch but a camera was so much quicker and he found he was getting more material this way. He signed up for his first photography class in high school that fall. His teacher encouraged him to sign up for a summer photo class at the local university. That summer before tenth grade is what led Miles toward a future career in media arts. That college course solidified his love of capturing images in nature to savor.

On his first day of high school, specifically during second period science that he was partnered with Tazwel, a cool looking friendly guy. He seemed nice and later on at lunch Taz joined him. They became fast friends. In Miles case, one of his only friends.

Taz gave Miles the confidence to found the school's first film club. High school is where he began to get a true interest in filming people.

It's also where he first saw the film Unhook The Stars by Nick Cassavertes, who is the son of John Cassavertes who wrote Rosemary's Baby. Rosemary's Baby was the first film that made Miles realize he wanted to make films. He was inspired by the way Nick's father John used simple equipment and less complex actors and actresses.

He agreed wholeheartedly in that the movie one makes should be about the characters not the people playing them. Running with an idea he then developed his schools first video yearbook which in 2000 when he graduated was basically cutting edge. This was also his way of living life vicariously through others. While working on the yearbook he simultaneously made a documentary film about his high school. He won a high school film festival on that film when he entered at the town arts center his junior year.

After high school he went to NYU, against his parents desires. With Taz in the military down south he was more alone then he'd ever been.

His parents didn't think that photography and film was something he should go to college for. They wanted him to have a more stable career, and he could always do what he wanted as a hobby.

Against their wishes he moved from northern New Jersey to New York to attend NYU. He focused on his studies, his work, and much like his idol of Cassavertes he began work on his first feature independent film, based off of Cassavertes own, My Sisters Keeper. Miles changed the main characters to female cousins instead of sisters, changed the reasoning behind things to being that one cousin was born to be a surrogate in the future for the other to leave his legacy behind, and his film began to come to life.

The film he made was finished in time to enter for the Wasserman/King award and win in his senior year of college. This film earned him an internship at MGM Studios his senior year at NYU. He interned there for his first year of grad school before he was offered a full time administration position there. By the time he graduated grad school he was finished working on his second feature film. The producers at MGM were so endeavored by his film that he was promoted to director that same year. visuals