carter girogine deluca Full Name carter giorgine deluca
Age & D.O.B. 36, december 8, 1980
hometown metrocity
Residence new york city
Status Single
Occupation manager and owner at Giorgine
Family DeLuca (father, 57), Gilbert DeLuca (mother, 55).
Carter Giorgine DeLuca was born on a cold winter morning in December. He came late and has been running on that time schedule ever since. He thinks things don't start until he arrives. Growing up and only child Carter has always been spoiled. He never wanted for anything and his mother babied him all of his childhood. Tihs would set the precedence for his adulthood. He didn't fend for himself until his late 20's.

He grew up knowing that someday he would just go to work for his grandfather at the restaurant and so he didn't try very hard. This was a shame because Carter is very intelligent and could have amounted to so much more then he has. His grandfather, who he is closest to, was the one who taught Carter life skills. He taught him how to respect woman, and how to fend for himself. He gave him his first job as a counter boy at D&D. Too bad Carter never took that advice to heart until he was much older. He wasted valuable time fooling around. He let his Grandpa do everything for him.

Carter did end up going to University, at his Grandfathers request. He majored in Business Management and TBD. He planned to someday take over his family's legacy and make Grandpa proud.

When Carter graduated university in 2004 with his Masters he went straight to work in the restaurant.

Carter DeLuca is now the head owner of the restaurant Giorgione on Spring Street in SoHo.

quick facts
  • His father is one half of the Dean and DeLuca franchise.
  • He as a slacker in high school, lacking in ambition but he is intelligent.
  • He graduated from NYU with a Masters in business management. He lived home throughout his schooling. He muddled his way through his education.
  • He is a die hard Mets and Giants fan. His father and him still have season tickets for both teams.
  • He remained in SoHo after graduation, getting a job as a counter person at a D&D location.
  • Carter is optimistic. He believes things will just come to him because they always have. He is loyal and friendly to his true friends.
  • He likes his beer, his friends and video games.
  • He likes horror movies best of all.
  • He was content with living home until now because he saved most of his money though does help his parents with bills.
  • His father finally had enough and told him it's time he was out on his own.
  • He has been called lazy.
  • He was worried that even at 35 with a job in the family business, (as a manager now), for the last 11 years that he will fail to amount to anything. He refuses to let him self fail despite his challenges.
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