Chloe Tianna White
DJ Barista
* her mom played music to her in the womb
* born in Virginia, parents still live there
* always a musical child, as a baby she wouldnt just bang pots and pans she had all sorts of fisher price instruments
* if she didn't have a musical instrument she had a microphone and would play talk show host
* she received her first true drum set at 3, and began taking lessons
* always had headphones in or was blasting her stereo
* had her own sense of style
* dressed for her own comfort not according to what others liked
* pledged Delta Gamma in fall of 2015 as a freshman
* met Hailee and Zendaya in the dorms Freshman year
* met Brooklyn at a frat party Freshman year
* February 2016 she began working at Park Ave as a barista
* In the summer of 2016 she got a Silva Stunner

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