Local/Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Face Claim: Alycia Deban-Carey

Personality: Paige is a lot like her cousin and is closed off into one gets to know her. She’s not at all shy or quiet, just closed off, aloof.

Background: Paige’s mom is the sister to Hanna Beth’s father, making them cousins. Paige’s mom raised her as a single mom and also they had Hanna at their house so much that Hanna was more like a sister than a cousin.

Paige didn’t go to college right away, instead she stayed home to take care of her maternal grandmother who she and her mom lived with. Hanna meanwhile left Nashville and went away to college to get away from her father, Paige’s uncle.

Three years later Hanna and Paige’s grandma got really sick and Paige and her mom decided to move ti Florida where Hanna was about to graduate college.

As a surprise to Hanna, Paige applied to the college of Florida keys and she would be starting as a freshman in the fall of 2023, the same year her cousin would be graduating and also becoming a mother so Paige would be an aunt. She also planned to pledge sigma with her cousin.
Paige Gina Lynn | 20 | July 20th | Freshman Bachelor of Social Work | Sigma Pledge | Dance team