Marital Status: Braxton Williams (divorced)

Children: Amelia (1986-2015), Davis (1989), Ezra (1993), Ethan (1993), Arianna (1995), Carter (1997)

Son/Daughter-In-Laws Wade (Amelia), Angel (Davis), Jayden (Arianna)

Grandchildren: Rosalyn Marie (2013) and Hunter James (2015) - Amelia
She was born in 1972 making her 45 years old in 2017.

At the tender age of 13, right at the end of eighth grade, Cristine met Braxton, who was a junior in high school at the time. She knew he was too old for her, knew he would get her into trouble but she fell hard and fast for him. And sure enough before her Freshman year even began she was pregnant with his baby. Her parents were great and helped her by watching little Amelia while Cristine went to school, then came home and did her homework to KEEP UP WITH HER GRADES. SHE SPENT THE NEXT FOUR YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL WITH NO LIFE OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE, OTHER THAN WHEN Braxton CAME OVER OR SHE WENT THERE. HER BEST FRIEND WAS HER ONLY SAVING GRACE. She was the only person that Cristine saw outside of family.

When her senior year came she thought she would be able to go to college now that Amelia was a toddler and about to start nursery school but than she fell pregnant again, this time with Davis. College was nothing but a pipe dream now. Cristine graduates high school and moves in with Braxton and their two kids. He proposes at her high school prom. Her parents are pissed and wish she would reconsider their help and go and take some college courses. But she is tied to Braxton and the kids and believes she owes him and never goes on to have a life of her own.

She doesn't go to college, instead she lets Brax work and support them. She is restricted to home and the kids and turns pregnant again before she even reaches 21, having her 3rd and 4th kids at 21, Ezra and (twin).

Within the next 4 years she has two other kids bringing the total to six before she is even 25 years old! No college education and reliant on her husband for everything much to her parents dismay. They still wished she would dump him, come live at home, let them help and let her go to college and get a career for herself.

Finally last year, with all her kids out of the house and on their own Cristine had enough. She files for divorce and signs up for a course in medical billing hoping to get a job sometime in 2018 when she finishes her course. She is finally taking her life into her own hands.