red hot dancing queen 
full name danielle simone leahy nicknames dani birthdate + age july 11, 1990 & 27 current residence california
1990. Danielle, Keira and TBD, were unlike any other siblings, because they were triplets. Danielle, the baby, was always very close to her brother and sister. They developed their own language and form of alternate communication and let no one else in.

1995. From the age of 5 Danielle was the entertainer; but also the nurturer. She begged her mom to sign her up for dance classes. That was the first thing that the triplets did separate.

1996. At the age of 6 she began cheering. She was as feminine as they came. She loved looking beautiful and moving pretty to the music. She also loved being in charge as she gained her confidence.

2000. *After awhile Danielle and Keira had grown distant from (brother) when he went into the hospital, but they later rebonded with him, and they had become closer than before.

2001. Though Danielle started early in middle school was when the triplets really began showing their seperate personalities. They were all expected to do their best to help around the house with Kiersten moved out, and their parents working full time. Danielle was little Mom. She danced six hours a day, and in her off time she was protecting and caring for Keira and (brother).

2005. She was made co captain as a sophomore in high school.

2006. In her junior year a friend got hurt on her squad. Danielle was helping her friend with physical therapy and gradually decided to go into sports medicine at university to help people in sports related injuries. After high school she got a part time job teaching dance and worked to help pay her way through university.

2007. Then in her senior year her sister grew pregnant. Dani still hasn't quite forgiven her sister for the abortion. But she's protective and respects Keiras decision. She's got her back through everything.

2008-2015. She kept on dancing herself through college but her main focus was on that medical degree, which she finished in ####.

She now teaches full time at her own dance school, (opened circa 2016), and she is also a part time physical therapist at TBD.

Keirsten • oldest sister.
Keira • twin sister.
Her best friend.
TBD • twin brother.