ariana valencia

nicknames: Ari
birthdate: August 26, 1994
age: 23
birthplace: Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
resides: West Hollywood, California
occupation: Singer/Songwriter/Actress
marital status: Single
sexuality: Heterosexual
parents: Edward Valentine (father), unknown (mother), Nonna
siblings: Frankie
record label: JMAC Records
booking agent: SME Entertainment
manager: Mandy Pearson
Describe your childhood (newborn - age 10): Ariana was born on a hot summer morning in August of 1994 in Boca Raton, Florida. Her father was and still is a graphic designer, photographer and artist. He is the owner/founder of IBI Designs, Inc. Ariana never met her mother, and in fact to this day does not know who she is or what she does. Her father never speaks of her mother, nor does her Nonna; fathers mother, who lives with her father in Boca Raton.

Her Nonna, told Ariana at one time that she pretty much shot out into this world, literally in less than an hour of labor. Nonna tells her that she was just in a rush to get out into the world. Ariana's whole life was and is like that.

At the tender age of 2 Ariana was playing one morning and she just ripped her own diaper off and went to the bathroom, sat on the potty and went. She started going potty every time, very rarely had accidents, and was trained by 2 1/2.

When Ariana was 4 she started reciting commercials and shows on tv. She insisted her father sign her up to "be on tv." She didn't know it worked then, of course. But she did book her first commercial a few short months later. From that moment Ariana was hooked in the business.

At 5 she got her first role in her theater group, which she joined earlier that year when someone at her commercial shoot told her dad to check it out for her. It was a local theatre group in Boca.

In between the ages of 5 and 8 she did a number of shows with her group.

But then when Ariana was 8 she joined a completely different theatre group when her dad got custody of his son from his first marriage and Frankie moved with them into their Fort Lauderdale home. She loved having a big brother around. He is older than her and he usually only saw Ariana on short visits to their dads. But now he was a full time big brother. They played together, he even took her to the park with him. They are still very close today.

Teenage years (11 - 19): When Ariana was 12, very close to being 13, her dad got her an audition on Broadway. Her dad knows people through his design business and was able to get Ari an audition on Broadway with one of his more known clients. She ended up getting the role and played Charlotte in 13 and they lived in N.Y. for a couple of years while the show ran.

This was also the year she "lost part of her virginity." Ariana was as innocent as they come, though when people judged her wilder looks, colored hair and sluttier clothes, they never believed she was not do0ing things with the guys she dated. But she was a virgin, believed in waiting till marriage at that time.

Finally they moved back to Fort Lauderdale when the show ended, and to be back near Nonna and Gramps. Ariana started high school but right around the time she was about to be a senior in high school she lost her Gramps. Ready for a change she found a very artsy school, and knew a lot of current pop stars and upcoming ones as well that went to Altamont Academy.

Ariana also found a reputable theatre group and heard about what they do and she convinced her dad to send her to Altamont. She graduated the Academy in 2012 and went to Altamont University, for two years.

At 19, at the end of her last year of her teens she was signed to JMAC with a developmental deal. That was the beginning of her Pop Princess music career. By the end of 2014 she and Victoria Franklin had an original EP released and on the radio air waves. Ariana was on her way to becoming a household name.

Adult years (20+): She spent the better part of her 21st year opening for Fifth Harmony and simultaneously recording her very first album which was released in May of 2015, and then she went on as the opening act for The Saturdays and then went on to open for Demi and Nick Jonas. She also had a Christmas EP released and went on a Jingle Ball tour. In 2017 Ariana spent the majority of her year in the studio working on her second album. ButShe also had a minor character based on her and her trademark cat ears in the new Final Fantasy game out in January. Her fifth single was released off her debut album. She performed with Destiny Blake at Wango Tango on a cover song of Don't Dream It's Over and had a cameo in Justin Bishop's debut album; Journals as well as a nomination for #choicebreakout artist on the Teen Choice Awards. She also spent a lot of time with her charity, the Kids Who Care for kids in medical facilities to perform and put together their own music theatre productions for the hospital staff. She performed at the I Heart Radio Festival, did a cyber bullying campaign, and peformed at the Christmas annual show at Disney, leading right into her 3rd Jingle Ball tour.

2018 is going to be her year with her second album finally about to drop, with new singles and videos to show for it.

career highlights
Awards 2017 Nominee for #choicebreakoutartist (TCA)
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Tours 12/2014 - 03/2015 promo tour
July & August opening for Fifth Harmony
10-11/15 promo tour
12/2015 Jingle Ball tour 2015
04/15-05/15 Album signing at Park Ave Records, Kelly & Michael, Fallon, The View, Z100, Amp Radio and MTV

05/2016 - 09/2016 opening for The Saturdays and Demi and Nick

12/2016 Jingle Ball tour 2016

Summer Festivals

11-12/2017 Jingle Ball tour 2017

06/18-07/18 Debut Headliner Tour
11/18-12/18 Jingle Ball

06/2019 Summer Festivals

02/20 - 03/20 Remix Mixtape Tour!
12/20 Jingle Ball Tour
2014 L.A. Boyz with Tori Franklin

Yours Truly (11/2015)
1. The Way (04/2015)
2. Problem (10/2015)
3. Baby I (2017)
4. Popular Song
5. Almost is Never Enough (ft. Justin Bishop) (2016)
6. Right There (5/2016)
7. Honeymoon Avenue
8. Piano
9. Tattooed Heart
11. Stick Around

2016 Christmas Kisses (EP)

My Everything (05/18)
1. Break Free ft. Justin Vanderbilt (03/18)
2. Why Try
3. Love me Harder ft. Justin Bishop (2018)
4. Dangerous Woman
5. Into You ft. Matt Miller
6. My Everything
7. You Don't Know Me
8. Only 1
9. Better Left Unsaid
10. Best Mistake ft. Nick Vetrina
11. Bang Bang Nicki Minaj ft. Destiny Blake and Ariana Valencia
12. Don't Dream It's Over (Cover) Destiny Blake and Ariana Valencia (EP 2018)

The Remix
1. The Way
2. Right There
3. Baby I
4. Problem
5. Break Free
6. Bang, Bang
7. Love Me Harder
Live Performances 2008 13 (Charlotte)
2010 Music Video; Unfriend Me (Herself)
2011 Phantom of the Opera (Posigney and Desbienne)
2011 A Midsummers Night Dream (Hippolyta)
2012 Spring Awakening (Wendla)
2013 The Theory of Never (Zoe)
2013 Hindsight (Extra)
2013 AOC Troupe's A Party to Murder (Evelyn/Mckenzie)
2020 Hairspray Live! (Penny Pingleton)
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