We are an all inclusive club that is determined to create a safe space for any and all student creatives interested in the fashion industry. Our focus is on creating a judgement free zone and in making a positive difference within the industry, giving students of all majors the opportunity to dive into a successful career in fashion. We specialize in 5 main committees being Modeling, Styling, Photography, Design and Beauty.


Each committee focuses on a different area within the industry where members are given a creative space to work on their craft, together they demonstrate that the fashion industry is often a team of creatives.

Styling is focused on curating looks for vendors and boutiques around the Orlando area such as for Saks Off Fifth; styling outfits for each category in our annual Spring Fashion Show.

Modeling is a non-judgmental zone made for models new and old alike, where members can practice their walks for the show and participate in photoshoots hosted throughout the year.

Design creates custom designs and hosts weekly sewing workshops for both novices and the experienced to work on their craft, with looks to be modeled as their very own feature at our show by models of their choosing.

Photography committee learns how to professionally interact and network with models (and the other committees) while working on their skillset and portfolio through photoshoots and shooting at the show.

Beauty is a new addition! Geared toward discussing hair and makeup concepts for shoots and the show, practicing basic makeup techniques and curating looks throughout the year.
Committees often participate interactively via sewing or DIY workshops, club-wide photoshoots, socials, and more!
Kai Simmons
Olivia Lancaster
Talia de Borbon
Caleb Fairth
Tyler Ferguson
Hanna Beth Lynn
Tatyana Markov
Ally Monroe
On the first day of each month, the students of the Vista Keys of Culinary Arts and Hospitality degree program, and Vista keys Bakes club, bake a cake to share with all students, and will be on sale in the studentunion . Proceeds go toward the Vista keys University kitchen.
Vanessa Peralta
Elena Garcia
Mateus Demonte
Haley Baird
Ezra King
Cheer and dance team
Co-Captains: Celia DeFranco & Eli Tanner
Mascot: Caleb Fairth

Brenna Tyler
Elena Garcia
Amaya Thomas
Hanna Beth Lynn
James Douglas
Ally Monroe
Sports Teams
New Assistant Coach Jackie Huddleston was drafted (random year) by the Green Bay packers and played two seasons with them before being traded to the San Francisco 49ers. He helped lead the team to 3 super bowl titles and played for 7 additional seasons before being forcibly retired by a busted knee. Physical therapy helped him walk and run, but he chose to stay home and raise his son.

He coached various football teams from little league to high school and it is said he has many championships under his belt as a coach. He accepted a job offer as assistant coach for the 2022-23 year at this Vista Keys University that his son got accepted to.

Cade Bennett (Scholarship, Wide Receiver)
Brady Garrison (Quarterback)
Adriel Summerhill (Cornerback)
Jessy Hudleston (Wide Receiver)
Tyler Ferguson (Halfback)

Soccer Eli Tanner
Adam de Borbon
Sebastian Manning

Baseball ? (third base)
Anthony Holland (Outfielder)
Levi Winston (catcher)
Corey Harding (pitcher)

Basketball Ezra King (Small forward)
Theatre Arts Students
Britney Tyler
Amaya Thomas
Celia DeFranco

Drama Club
Rosalie Blanchard
Tyler Ferguson
Zeke Winston
Kai Simmons
Lyric Bates