Maybe you are re-entering the workforce or your outdated wardrobe needs a refresh. Katrina Torres; stylist, is your go to girl. Katrina is the best personal shopper and fashion consultant in NYC, and has been dressing some celebrities as well as fashionable men and woman in New York for nearly 2 years. Before that she was head designer and owner of Dream out Loud. With years of experience and an eye for classic style, Katrina is just who you need to completely revamp your look.


A personal shopper is also known as a "stylist" or "fashion consultant", and is one who provides image makeover and fashion consultation services to celebrities, fashion models and personal clients. They hand select the finest clothing and accessories for public figures, models, celebrities as well as for their personal clients and help them to enhance their image and personal appearance. They are often assisted by a team of fashion designers, photographers, make-up artists and hair stylist.

Katrina Torres is a stylist and personal shopper who has over 5 years of experience in fashion industry, specializing in creating signature looks for celebrity and other high-profile clientele.

Whether you are changing jobs, recently divorced, single, or in need of general self-image improvement, you have come to the right place. Katrina Torres provides personal services that help you Take Charge of Your Look and discover the personal image you aim to achieve.

The services provided by Katrina include personal style discovery, style up-gradation and style transformation. The individual services like color analysis, selecting dresses based on body type, beauty treatment, hair styling, wardrobe consultation and personal shopping are also provided.

The ultimate goal of her personal styling service is to give you a complete fashion makeover that will reinvent your style and create your most desirable social as well as corporate image.

Katrina Torres helps you in selecting best items to appear in fashion magazines/media, sourcing fashion items and props for photographic shoots and also advice models on photographic approaches. Over the years Katrina has developed relationships with NYC's best fashion designers, media, retailers, modeling agencies, hair dressers, make-up artists, beauty therapist and personal trainers that will put you on the right track to looking your best.

Take Charge of your look and call (212) 879-5790


If you are looking for a personal shopper to help you with your wardrobe makeover, don’t look any further! I am is the perfect person for your image makeover. You will fill out an in-depth questionnaire so that I can analyze your personality, lifestyle, and ambitions. I will then help you develop an original and enhanced style based on who you are and the results are always astonishing! Not only do you end up with a personal transformation but you’ll also gain a life-long understanding of how style adds to your personal power.

What distinguishes me from all of the other personal shoppers is that my goals are tailored to each client. Yes, there are free personal shoppers services provided by department stores, but sadly all in-store personal shoppers are driven by the commission they make. Instead of looking out for your best interest, it’s usually the sales commission that will ultimately guide their choices. And commission aside, it’s the top salespeople that usually get promoted to the Personal Shopping department; salespeople without any real fashion education or experience.

I want to get a very clear idea of what your needs are so I can help you achieve your goals in everything regarding wardrobe, hair, skin, make-up, diet and nutrition.

When it comes to a wardrobe make over, I look for clothing that is the best match for you, and to your surprise, it’s not always the most expensive option! Many in-store commissioned based personal shoppers will convince you that an expensive designer jacket is a perfect fit but that the matching designer tank top or pants are essential to complete the look, even if the pants don’t fit!

I may recommend a high quality jacket because it can be worn to many different occasions, however, I’ll help you find a unique and affordable tank top or a cute pair of inexpensive pants that fit perfectly to finish off the look. Doing so always creates a more interesting and unique look – this is one of fashion’s best kept secrets.

For years, famous fashion icons have had a powerful talent for mixing and matching name brand designs with inexpensive quality made garments. Coco Chanel was famous for pairing real, expensive jewelry with faux jewelry. She had a knack for mixing and matching faux and real, inexpensive with expensive. Most prominent celebrity fashion icons wear designer clothing with basic affordable items.

I'll make an appointment at the appropriate stores and arrange an exclusive private fitting room. This room allows you to feel completely comfortable bringing in key pieces from your own wardrobe, where you can mix and match some of your best old pieces with the new pieces our consultants have helped you pick out.