Dear Diary,
It's also been two years since my mother married my first ex, almost a year since she married my second ex boyfriend. It's no wonder that I never let her meet Keenan. I trust him, but I have no trust for her. Somehow or another she always manages to snag my men. I just don't understand it.

2017 turned out not to be entirely my year. Keenan and I broke up, but I did get a second job, a very amazing second job. I work weekends at Cheetah's now. I love dancing and performing for people. I feel so attractive, I feel like people want me when I dance. It feels nice to be sought after. It was especially delightful at a time when my boyfriend had ghosted me. Because, you see, at the end of last year, Keenan sort of went off and disappeared on me. I know now that he was dealing with some things of his own, and didn't know how to fit me into that life. But at the time I was devastated. Relationships just never seemed to work out for me, in the past. Maybe I was meant to be a spinster with my dog.

If it wasn't for Ava and Breelin I don't know where I would be. Those two gorgeous, sweet, girls, my best friends, helped keep me grounded and helped me to find myself a little bit more. We don't get to get together very often but when we do I feel like I have known them all my life.

Fortunately all that negativity brings me to a much happier 2018. Because early on this year, I ran into Keenan again. It happens that he came into my job, Cheetah's I mean, and he came in for me. We ended up hanging out that night after work and a few weeks after that he came over over after work and surprised me with some Valentines surprises.

Starting this year I decided that I wanted to audition to be a headliner at Cheetahs. I couldn't very well ask for time off when I wanted to be a headliner. And so I began a strenuous series of auditions this month, October, and will continue into half of November, with tests of talent, stamina, and performance against three! other girls. Only one can take on the headliner position. Mr. Morello has been focusing so much on me, watching me to see how I am doing, etc. I am so nervous because I really want to impress him. He is a very fair and strong willed boss, and he expects a lot from his employees, and most of all from his headliners. I have to get this job, make a good impression. So I have been busting my butt.