Lillian Lois Lane
Journalist/Radio Intern/Pi Beta Phi
FULL NAME: Lillian Lois Lane
NICKNAMES: Lili, Lil, Lilipad
AGE & DOB: 22; September 13, 1993
HOMETOWN: Shreveport, LA.
OCCUPATION: Radio Talk Show Host
DEGREE: Communications and Journalism
FAMILY: (father), (mother), (older brother), Nicole Lane Wilder (sister), Asher Diaz (cousin)
Lili's (older brother) was born first, then her sister Nicole and then finally along came Lili, 8 years after Nicole. Kate and Richard Lane were never around much, and when they were they were half shitfaced out of their minds. Nicole was the one to raise Lili, since their older brother had moved out before Lili had a chance to get very close to him. Because her parents were never around Lili was not at all close to them. She didn't go to them with any problems or even any accomplishments. The first people she went to was either her brother or sister, depending on who was home at the given time.

She was extremely close to Nik, though, more so then even her brother. Nik was the mother she never had. Nicole protected Lili from the excessive abuse that she and their brother were put through, though Lili did suffer as well but minimall thanks to Nikki. Since she had to finish school she stayed in Shreveport until she was 16. It was difficult for her sister to protect Lili when she had her own marriage issues at the age of 18. And Lili tried to move in with Nik when she was 10 but her mother pulled legality and wouldn't allow it. Finally when she was 16 Nikki was able to get custody of Lili. She moved Lili to New Orleans with her to finish high school.

Lili always thought that she would go away to college. She had to get away. Instead she got a scholarhsip to Tulane, near where she and her sister already lived. She could have lived with her sister and went to school but she wanted to give her sister some space and so at first lived in a dorm room with her closest friend from high school, who was also in New Orleans. Her friend's parents got them their apartment their sophomore year. She met James her senior year and they hit it off and became an item, which brings them to the present.