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FULL NAME Luca Xavier Reese
AGE. 24
DATE OF BIRTH. October 12, 1993
RESIDENCE. New Orleans
OCCUPATION. first year law student / bartender / photographer
ORIENTATION. Heterosexual
FAMILY. Father (OBM). Mother. Stepmother. Sister (20-21)
HAIR. Brown
LIKES. chocolate, movies, photography
DISLIKES. soccer (recent), guilt
The only son of Ifan and TBD Reese, Luca was always into sports. He began playing football (soccer) at 3. His father was Ifan Reese, THE world renowned coach and player. He grew up not wanting much because he very rarely heard the word no. His father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and play professional soccer leading into coaching. As long as he did what was expected of him he never wanted for anything. His mother just wanted him to be happy.

As kids him and his sister played together a lot. He was her protector when their parents fought which was a lot. Luca hated when they fought. His mom was constantly accusing Ifan of cheating while his father outright denied it. When Luca wasn't at home protecting his sister he was out on the soccer field playing for fun, enjoying the sport. He couldn't enjoy the sport when he played with his dad who just pushed at him.

By the time Luca reached second grade, he was on a travel soccer team which he happened to love as long as his dad didn't come to games and steal his fame. His dad was home fewer and further in between, and his mom was getting frustrated. Sure enough that same year she finally kicked his dad out. The tabloids said that Ifan left her of course, because they couldn't make the soccer star look bad.

Luca threw him self into soccer even more but when his dad met a girl who could be his older sister the following year he freaked out. Luca was polite enough to her, he was raised a gentlemen but he lost a lot of respect for his dad that year. (2001)

By fifth grade Luca was a star soccer player as he had always planned and despite his young age he began to date in looser terms. He had his dad as a role model and so he quickly became the playa of primary school.

By middle school Ifan was remarried. His mother was devastated, losing all hope and eleven year old Luca had to take all responsibility at home. He did odd jobs around the neighborhood for money even though his dad paid child support and really all Luca needed to do was be mentally supportive for his mom. As a child he wasn't sure how to do that and so he took it upon himself to go out and earn money instead.

He took a retail job in high school and continued to work and play (soccer) figuring he would make it a career someday but then his dad went and as Captain helped win the World Cup. After that Luca gave up on soccer. He loved it, but being known as little Reese was too much for him. He began to focus on his education.

Once Luca quit it got even worse when Ifan took a coaching job and was harassed on why his son quit the game. Luca was just spiteful enough to be a little happy that he was making his dad's life harder. He took to the one hobby that was practically directly opposite of sports; photography. He was good at it, too.

Just as Luca was preparing for high school graduation applying for a degree toward Business and a minor in Photography the worst happened. Ifan committed suicide. Luca and his father had never made amends, though. Luca blamed himself for a lot.

When he did graduate high school shortly after the suicide he knew he had to pick things up. His mom and sister needed him more then ever to be the man. He got a full time job, moved his mom and sister with him to New Orleans and he attended college. He got a job, his mom even got a job. And they started a new life for themselves. His stepmother stayed behind in London.

Four years later he's in his first year of law school now. Plus he still feels guilty of how he treated his dad over the years now that he's gone.


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