Katrina and Marcus: A Love Story
From that moment Katrina first met Marcus two years ago, that night that Carmen and Katrina were in Katrina's brother in law's club. The girls had been avoiding a different guy that Katrina had been seeing right before she met the love of my life. She knew that there was something special about Marcus. He was a gentleman, pulled out her chair, ordered their drinks, held Katrina's hand, focused intently on her face and eyes while speaking to her. Even the way he danced that night just drew Katrina into him. The way his eyes just had so much passion as he drank her whole body into himself. She could feel the heat, the emotions from that very first look and that first kiss that they shared. She even loved that moment when a few weeks later he dressed as the big bad wolf to her red hood, even though he was far from bad in her mind's eye. Over the course of the next few months she took him to Rockefeller center for his birthday, ice skating, Santa, some hot cocoa. Every evening she spent with him was perfect to her. Marcus is the first man that was able to double date with her best friend and fit right in as if they all had known each other forever. Not long after that date, he met her family, her whole family, and he was invited along on her sisters birthday excursion to an island with everyone. They didn't just do it up big, there were nights they just went out for beer and some country music or the day she took him for an Easter Egg Hunt to be kids again in the park. No matter the atmosphere, this was clearly a happy couple. He even fit right in among ALL of her HUGE family on their annual Easter celebration, right on to beach and pool days.

Probably the night that stands out most is the night that night that Marcus proposed to Katrina right in the very restaurant that they had their first date in. It was a year into their relationship. She had some anniversary gifts for him as well, including a key to her apartment. It was clear from the start this was a big evening for them, but Katrina had no idea a ring was coming her way, surprise written all over her face as he pulled it out.

Now we will move on to Valentines Day a few months later! Right from the moment he showed up to pick her up her face glowed in pure ecstasy at just the sight of him. Her ring sparkled on her hand. Katrina just could not believe that after two years Marcus and her were happily still together; engaged and planning their future wedding. She had hoped, a lot for this romance to continue, and it had. She felt pure bliss at the sight of him in front of her, at the feel of his warm, hard body in her arms as they hugged and kissed hello. Everytime she saw him was like the first time all over again. This was what she had always imagined true love was like.

He proceeded to take Katrina to an amazing restaurant that they had already eaten at on their very first date, except that night they had ordered in from it. It was a very special evening and two years peviously, in that same place, was the first moment she realized that she loved Marcus and those times they discussed their favorite Chinese food dishes as they ate. They had wine/champagne and a perfect meal of all their favorite chinese dishes. It was a three course meal. The restaurants lighting was very intimate, and dim. The conversation, as usual, flowed so easily from every topic, to families, friends, work, etc. Even the silences were not awkward. She typically felt so at ease with him.

When she turned 25 years old; a whole new woman with an amazing man by her side the rest of the year went on much the same with another Easter celebration with her man and her family and friends. Of course there was some summer fun weekends thrown in there with Carmen, Max and Marcus. What better way to spend a year then with your love and your best friends.

Now, we bring you to present time, as we round off to the second anniversary of Katrina Torres and Marcus Murphy.