name. Alec Allen
nicknames. Al, Mr. Allen
prefered name. Alec
age. 22
date of birth. July 23, 1995
grade/position. Faculty
marital status. Single
education. University; Bachelor of Arts, Music
hometown. place of birth or current home.
personality. }
Alec was born on the Cancer-Leo cusp. He is extremely sensitive and is often dramatic. It is no wonder he went into music. His whole personality screams musician. Bi polar is another word used to describe the ups and downs of Alec.

He can be shy, and in fact the only time he is not shy is when he is either singing or teaching. He has learned to balance the introverted and extroverted parts of himself very well.

He is a loving, passionate and devoted guy. He expresses his feelings through his creative music. Unfortunately, he can also be very self-absorbed and often can be so in the music zone that he forgets that others exist. Teaching helps him to focus that energy into the kids.

He can be sensitive to criticism at times but has since learned to deal with it now that he is teaching it. People often think he is off in lala land, but really he is just usually so focused on his music to notice much else. He loves to cook and often comes up with original meals to make. He enjoys social and business gatherings a like. He just enjoys being around people.

His introverted side can sometimes conflict with his need for being the center of attention in his extroverted side. He cherishes his family and friends but sometimes his trying too hard to impress them can frustrate him and make him drift away from them. He focuses so much on their approval that he gets lost in that train of thought and forgets where he wanted to be and has to backtrack and start again.

Basically, if you can count yourself among Alec's closest friends then consider yourself lucky because unless you hurt him or someone he loves then he will be devoted to you for life.
classes, etc. }
Intern (Fall) / Student Teacher (Spring) - with Miss Mack
AP Music Theory
Digital Music/Songwriting
Independent Study in Music
history. }
Alec Allen was born the first son of Leon and Carla Allen. Alec was not your typical little boy. The nurses said from that first day in the nursery they could hear that he would be musical. They said that his cries didn't sound like typical newborn cries, but instead sounded like lyrics.

They lived in New York City for Alec's whole life. Leon is a music producer and therefore was rarely home. Leon's career is probably the true reasoning behind Alec making music a career. As a child Alec would walk around the house with a microphone performing for his parents and all their celebrity guests that were always hanging around. It didn't take long for the Allen's to realize that Alec had talent, and that he was not just fooling around trying out different hobbies as most kids his age did.

Alec was used to all sorts of musicians hanging out around the Allen house. Alec would jam with them, growing more and more in love with singing. But when Alec was just 11 years old his father and mother moved overseas to be closer to the band he was currently managing. Knowing that Alec still needed an education he sent his son to Blair Academy, a very prestigious boarding school, in New Jersey.

Alec attended Blair from 6th grade until 12th. In junior high he kept mostly to himself focusing on his studies and the couple of close friends he made while attending there. But when high school began he started a school-age band, having tryouts and leading into all four years of high school focusing on managing them, using their final performance as his senior project, bringing him that much closer to a degree in Music Education after high school. Throughout high school Alec was social, but mostly with those who could benefit him in his career. He dated, but never anything amounted to a serious relationship.

Once in college Alec focused his studies on Music concentration. He managed the old band on the side still, but his main goal was to graduate college and be a music teacher. Slowly but surely the band and he outgrew each other. Alec grew too busy and as his senior year approached he was getting ready to intern at his alma mater, Blair Academy.

Which brings us to present time. Alec is interning with Miss Mack at Blair in the music department. Being back at Blair feels like home again. Only this time around he is on the other end of the table and he knows all the tricks that these kids will try to get up to. He is already working on his lesson plans for when he begins student teaching in January. He wants to make certain that these kids enjoy music but also learn a lot about it. His father and mother are still living overseas but they will be in to visit for Parents weekend this weekend to check in and see how Alec is doing at his alma mater.
appearance. }
nationality. Nationality
height. 5'8"
build. Athletic
hair. Blonde
eyes. Blue

Alec looks a lot like his father with his dirty blonde hair that always hangs just slightly over his eyes. He has sea blue eyes that girls can get lost into, and even some guys. He is straight however, but is equal opportunity to his fans and will flirt with them all. He can often be found wearing polo tops and high top shoes which are pretty much his trademark look. He does not work out, but every morning he goes for a run around campus to stay healthy and alert. He eats well, and doesn't eat junk food, also.
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