Parker Valmont
basic info

FULL NAME Parker Valmont
NICKNAMES Valmont, Monty
AGE. 38
DATE OF BIRTH. September 10, 1979
RESIDENCE. Manchester, Connecticut
OCCUPATION. Retired Marine, Mechanic
ORIENTATION. Heterosexual
FAMILY. Ava (b. 1999), Deacon (b. 2002), Son (b. 2012)
HAIR. Brown
His father is a retired Corporal in the Marines and his mother TBD

He has never been with anyone physically except for his long term high school girlfriend.

Parker attended High School, a school known for its Marine Corps JROTC. He was hard core, working out three days a week, on the wrestling team and JROTC.

He was in the electrical shop class and vocational classes his junior and senior years for electrical repairs. He marched in the annual Memorial Day schools commencement every year with active military personnel in attendance.

He graduated high school in 1997 and enlisted in the Marines.

He received an ASVAB score of 145 in electronic repairs. (The aptitude test measures your strengths, weaknesses, and potential for future military success.) They got married in 1997 right before he went to boot camp.

He went to Boot Camp then began College in January of 1998. Shortly after he returned from boot camp his wife got pregnant.

In 1999 he was deployed for 6 months and at the end of his tour his first daughter was born on September 9.

In 2000 he was made First Lieutenant.

He received a B.S. in Information Systems in 2001 and shortly after was made Captain.

In early 2002 he was deployed again. Once again while on this tour he found out she was pregnant and at the end of this tour he became a father to his son this time in October 2002.

He opened his own electrical repair shop in 2005.

2012 had third child, a son.

Summer 2017 is his last year in the Marines. He will not re enlist and will be retired after twenty years of service in the Marines. Now he can enjoy his family and home, and work in his shop and at home.
Parker is a very punctual no nonsense kind of guy. He's not very forgiving of mishaps whether they be accidental or not. He's straight forward and to the point and appreciates the same respect from others.

That being said he's a romantic. He's loving and sweet to his loved ones. He would literally kill for them and in fact has if you consider his servitude to the armed forces protecting our country.
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