I’ll be hanging around the mistletoe, hoping to be kissed.
About Tessa
Name Teresa Marie Cuoco
AGE 22
Birthdate 01/30/1995
Club Postion Family
Birthplace TBD
Occupation dancer at She Devil's Gentleman's Club [Mon, Tues (11:30am-3:30am), Wed - Fri (9:00pm-3:30am)]
Current residence apartment
Marital status single
Family Liam Callaghan Cuoco (1965; father), Jocelyn Ford-Cuoco (1969; mother), Uncle Atlas Ford
Siblings (1990)

Grandpa Neil Ford and Grandma Ford gave birth to Atlas and Jocelyn Ford within 4 years of each other in (location). Neil moved the Ford family to Pleasanton California when both of his children were still very young. Neil and his military brothers created a new sort of brotherhood before leaving California all together.

But Neil already had the idea in his head for the Hells Legion Motorcycle club, as he set off for Tacoma and then Reno and all the way to Las Vegas. He got the ball rolling starting charters in all those towns and then moving on each time.

Fast foward to the late 80's when Atlas and Jocelyn were in their 20's. Jocelyn had backtracked to California for University and that was where she met TBD Cuoco, who happened to be a Patch at the time with the Hells Legion. Although maybe it wasn't so much a coincidence since her brother Atlas was a member as well. Jocelyn always did run with the same crowd, never faltering far from Atlas.

Jocelyn's father was still in Nevada, but (DAD) was a California member and that was how they ended up making roots right there, while Atlas got busy setting up other chapters in Tuscon and Albuquerque as their father had once done with other chapters.

Jocelyn was 21 she and (DAD) gave birth to their first child. By this point (DAD) was an established member of the Hells Legion. By the time Tess was born 5 years later in 1995 the club was all she knew. They visited her Uncle often enough where he lived and she spent most of the holidays throughout the year at her fathers chapter.

Within her toddler years, however, Uncle Atlas moved back up North, much to Tess' excitement. She loved her Uncle, almost as much as her father, and she missed him. She thought it was so awesome that she grew up riding on the back of their bikes and even at a young pre-tween age she developed crushes on the little biker boys she met around the clubhouse. It was the beginning of her fetish.

Throughout her middle school and high school years Tess spent the majority of her time at the clubhouse with her family and sibling. She dated within the club's children, she had friends among the chapter members. She had very few friends outside of the club's families.

It was around the time she began the seventh grade that she began to take dance classes. She took random classes here and there as a kid, but she really became focused on the art as she got older. She loved dancing, being the center of attention. She would put on dance performances at the club house often enough but it wasn't satisfying enough for her. She wanted to do more.

In 2014 when she was 19, tragedy almost struck the Ford-Cuoco family. Tess almost lost her Uncle Atlas. This was what drew her to the Gentleman's club she knew of but had never been inside. She all of a sudden knew that she needed t do something in her life. It was not easy to get an audition there with her father and Uncle so well known in the Legion, but somehow she managed to get herself one and was actually hired. That is where she currently works today. Unfortunately her job does nothing for her love life since men around the club either know her father, uncle, or else they just see her as another dancer at the club. None of those equate to her finding that one love she would like someday.

Ruby; boss
Ophelia; bartender
Xannie; dancer/friend
Star; dancer
Summer; dancer

Clint; MC president, good friends with her dad and uncle
Tristan; regular customer at the club
Harry; Uncle's Prospect
Kyle; flirmance, sexting friend


one bedroom apartment