Brianne Moret
Pop Princess Rules The World
2/5/2018 10:30 AM PST

It's been nearly 6 years since we have heard from Brianne Moret with her second album and almost a decade since we met her at her very first Jingle Ball tour when she was in high school! Now she has two albums out and just five years after her second album; Evolution was released she brings us Singular, her third album at just 24 years old!

"Almost Love" is spook-pop unlike any other. "Paris" delivers euphoria so swiftly its like a Listerine strip melting on your tongue. "Bad Time" is cheeky and just plain good. Brianne Moret is the pop star I needed this year; while others were turning in subpar work, Brianne Moret was graduating with flying colors.

Brianne Moret is making the leap with her album Singluar: Act 1!

If Brianne reached for stardom on her second album Evolution back in 2015 she firmly captures it on Singular: Act 1 - a clean, top 40-primed record that benefits from an electrifying track list.

There are no skips on this one; each song is as fresh as the one before it is. Brianne comes into her own as an artist, dipping into brash '90s bubblegum attitude ("Almost Love"), sassy breakup anthems ("Sue Me", "Bad Time"), and come-hither R&B pop tunes ("Mona Lisa", "Hold Tight") along the way.

While the sound switches up between each track, one through line remains: Moret’s personality-driven voice, Singular marks the coronation of a determined new pop princess, and she rules.

Brianne says that Singular Act 1 is a perfect representation of who shes become.